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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 69, No. 12, pp. 2567-2575, 1997


Studies on Biodegradable Poly(Hexano-6-Lactone) Fibers- 1. Structure and propoerties of Drawn Poly(Hexano-6-Lactone) Fibers
(Technical Report)


M. Mochizuki, K. Nakayama, R. Qian, B.-Z. Jiang, M. Hirami, T. Hayashi, T. Masuda, and A. Nakajima

[full text - pdf 607 kB]

Abstract: Using high molecular weight (Mn=80,000) poly(hexano-6-lactone) (PCL*), tough and high tenacity PCL monofilaments with various draw ratios (undrawn to 9 times drawn) were prepared by melt-spinning. The relationship between microstructure and properties of the PCL fibers is described in this current IUPAC Technical Report. Analysis of microstructure of the drawn PCL fibers by wide-angle X-ray diffraction revealed typical c-axis orientation with an increase in crystallinity. It was also supported by sonic velocity measurements. The thermal, mechanical, and dynamic mechanical properties of the PCL fibers were affected significantly by draw ratio. DSC thermograms showed that the melting temperature and the enthalpy of fusion increased with draw ratio. The temperature dependence curves of dynamic viscoelasticity showed that the temperature at tan d peak of a dispersion corresponding to the glass transition temperature shifted toward higher temperature and the peak value of tan d decreased with draw ratio. The dynamic storage modulus and the sonic modulus increased with draw ratio. These results are due to the increase in crystallinity and molecular orientation with drawing, and are responsible for an increase in tensile tenacity as well as knot tenacity of the PCL fibers.

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