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  Safety Training Program

Since 2000, Fellows from Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, China, and Uruguay, have received training at host Companies in the U.S.A., Japan, South Africa, and UK.
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April 2000
Ms. Esma Toprak
(Bogazici University, Turkey) visited BP Chemicals Inc.; a side visit was arranged to the Illinois Institute of Technology.
> Read more about Toprak's visit and review her report [pdf file - 21KB]; see her presentation made at the IUPAC Congress in Ottawa, Aug 2003 [pdf file - 3.15MB]
> see also Chem. Int. March 2001

August 2000
Prof. Dr. Ali El-Emam (Mansoura University, Egypt) was hosted by Bristol-Myers Squibb in the USA.
> Read El-Emam's report [pdf file - 7KB]
> see also Chem. Int. March 2001

June 2002
Mr. Tersoo Charles Gwaza (Shell Petrochemical Development Co, Nigeria) received training at Sasol Chemical Industries, South Africa.
> Read Gwaza's report [pdf file - 44KB]; view his presentation made at the IUPAC Congress in Ottawa, Aug 2003 [pdf file - 132KB]
> see also Chem. Int. Nov 2003

August 2002
Mr. Kelvin Khisa (UNIDO Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre) visited Sankyo Co., Ltd production and research facilities in Japan. In addition, side trips were taken to Shimizu Corporation, Tokyo Eco, the Hitachi Group, Fuji Film, Tokyo municipal government agencies and project sites, and the Japanese National Institute of Industrial Safety.
> Read Khisa's report [pdf file - 67KB]; view his presentation made at the IUPAC Congress in Ottawa, Aug 2003 [pdf file - 63KB]
> see also Chem. Int. Nov 2003

September 2002
Mr. Zhang GuoHong
(Sinopec, China) received training at BP Chemicals Inc. USA research facilities in Naperville, IL and production facilities in Lima, OH.
> Read Zhang's report [pdf file - 24KB]
> Read more about Zhang's visit - reprint of an article first published in to BP Horizon [pdf file - 51KB] and what Zhang has been telling his colleagues at home >links to Zhang-authored magazine article - Chinese and English [pdf file - 8KB])
> see also Chem. Int. Nov 2003

October 2003
Ms. Jane B. Nyakang'o (UNIDO Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre) and
Ms. Ana Luisa Arocena (CEMPRE Uruguay) visited the BP Chemicals Technology Center in Naperville, Illinois, USA and the acrylonitirle production plant in Lima, OH, USA. They also visited waste treatment sites nearby.
> Read Nyakang'o's Report [pdf file - 24KB]
> Read Arocena's Report [pdf file - 65KB]

October 2004
Mr. Isiaka O. Bakare (Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria) visited Mitsui Chemicals Co. sites in Japan.
> Read Bakare's Report [pdf file - 41KB]

November 2005
Prof. Said Mohamed Mahmoud Bayomi (Mansoura University, Egypt) received training at the facilities of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in the UK.
> Read Bayomi's Report [pdf file - 116KB]

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