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Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols (ICTNS)

Terms of Reference

(i) To be responsible for submission to the Bureau/Council, in accordance with Bylaw 2.11, for publication or otherwise, any IUPAC document concerned with terminology, nomenclature, symbols and other conventions.

(ii) Before recommending any material for publication as an IUPAC document, to ensure that full consultations have taken place, and the widest possible consensus has been reached among all Divisions and other bodies of the Union, and between IUPAC and other ICSU bodies, the international standardizing organizations, and Conf�rence G�n�rale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM) and its Committees.

(iii) To ensure, via each Division's Titular Member on ICTNS, that all documents for publication emanating from that Division have been subject to a satisfactory level of review of substantive material by the Division Committee.

(iv) To ensure that any considered IUPAC view shall carry the fullest possible weight among other international organizations, all negotiations on matters concerned with nomenclature and symbols with other ICSU bodies, with the international standardizing organizations, and with CGPM and its Committees, shall be conducted through ICTNS, which shall advise the Executive Committee accordingly.

(v) To be responsible, after consultation with all relevant bodies of IUPAC, for the official IUPAC comments on all documents on nomenclature, symbols, terminology and conventions sent to the Union for comment.

(vi) To advise the President and the Executive Committee on suitable persons for appointment as representatives of IUPAC on other bodies concerned with nomenclature, symbols and terminology.

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