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- IUPAC-sponsored event -

13th International Symposium on Carotenoids, 6-11 January 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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This symposium aims to maintain the tradition of an up-to-date survey of progress in all aspects of the carotenoid field. It will provide a forum to report and discuss those areas that are of particular topical interest and where the most significant advances have been made. Presentations are planned by those carotenoid scientists who have made the greatest contributions to these advances.

Plenary lectures will address photosynthesis; new colorants: from concept to commercialization; carotenoids and photodetection; the Golden Rice Project; carotenoids, vitamin A, and nutrition; carotenoids and muscular degeneration; genetic engineering of plants for carotenoid content; genetic manipulation of plants; and carotenoid modulation of drug-metabolizing enzymes.

Approximately 250-300 scientific participants from around the world are expected to attend the symposium.

For further information, contact Dr. John S. Bertram, Cancer Research Center, University of Hawaii, 1236 Lauhala Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, USA; E-mail: [email protected]; Tel.: +1 808 586 2757; Fax: +1 808 586 2970.

> Published in Chem. Int. 23(4), 2001


* Sponsorship by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country's assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.
IUPAC sponsorship implies that entry visas will be granted to all bona fide chemists provided application is made not less than three months in advance. If a visa is not granted one month before the meeting the IUPAC Secretariat should be notified without delay by the applicant.
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