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- IUPAC-sponsored event -

20th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (20th ICOMC), 7-12 July 2002, Corfu, Greece

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The main purpose of this meeting is to present results of recent research in the area of organometallic chemistry. Themes to be covered will include transition- metal and 4f/5f-metal organometallic compounds, main group organometallic compounds, metal compounds in organic synthesis and catalysis, and organometallics and new materials. These areas have been of interest for several years and are at the forefront of new developments in the fields of new materials, catalysis, "green" chemistry, etc. The meeting will provide a forum for leading scientists in these fields to discuss and present state-of-the-art processes and techniques and for young scientists to widen their knowledge base by contacts with experts.

Approximately 600 scientific participants from around the world are expected to attend this conference.

For further information, contact Dr. Constantinos G. Screttas, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 48 Vas. Constantinou Avenue, 116 35 Athens, Greece; E-mail: [email protected]; Tel.: +30 1 7273876; Fax: +30 1 7273877.

> Published in Chem. Int. 23(4), 2001

* Sponsorship by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country's assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.
IUPAC sponsorship implies that entry visas will be granted to all bona fide chemists provided application is made not less than three months in advance. If a visa is not granted one month before the meeting the IUPAC Secretariat should be notified without delay by the applicant.
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