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- IUPAC-sponsored event -

3rd International Symposium on Separations in Biosciences (SBS'03): 100 Years of Chromatography
13-18 May 2003, Moscow, Russia

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This symposium will commemorate the 100th anniversary of chromatography as one of the most important discoveries in the history of science. March 21, 1903 is a special date in the history of chromatography. On that day, at a meeting of the Warsaw Society of Natural Scientists, Mikhail Semenovich Tswett presented a lecture entitled "On a New Category of Adsorption Phenomena and its Application in Biochemical Analysis". Thus, chromatography was introduced by a 30-year-old Russian specialist in botany, biochemistry, and physiology, and it went on to become the premier separation technique of the 20th century. The list of 100 most distinguished chemists of the past that was compiled recently by the Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS) includes Tswett's name (see CI, Vol 23, No. 1, pp. 7-11, 2001). It is no exaggeration that the contribution of chromatography to the successful development of biosciences and chemistry just cannot be overestimated.

The scientific program will cover all aspects of modern liquid and gas chromatography, as well as electromigration techniques. The program will include a few invited lectures giving an overview of major achievements and modern trends of the principal branches of chromatography in a historical perspective, keynote lectures on the state-of-the-art of basic chromatographic techniques, oral presentations on novel chromatographic separation phenomena, and poster presentations of recent experimental findings. Special emphasis will be given to achievements and applications of chromatography in the natural sciences.

For more information, contact Symposium Chairman, Prof. V. Davankov, E-mail: [email protected] or Symposium Secretariat, Dr. L. Kolomiets, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Leninsky Prospekt 31, E-mail: [email protected]; Tel./Fax: +7 095 952 0065.

> Announcement published in Chem. Int. 23(6), 2001

* Sponsorship by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country's assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.
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