August 6 - 10, 2002, Beijing, China

Second Circular


New Strategies for Chemical Education in the New Century


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Sponsored by

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
China Association for Science and Technology
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Ministry of Education

Organized by

The Chinese Chemical Society

 The 17th International Conference on Chemical Education will be held in Beijing, China, on August 6 - 10, 2002. It will be the first ICCE in the new century. The new century means new challenges, new opportunities and new hopes. The most important question for chemistry teachers is what the new education strategies in the new century will be? The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite all professors, chemistry teachers including university, college, senior middle school, and secondary school teachers, education researchers, chemistry researchers, and chemical engineers from all corners of the world to meet in Beijing to discuss the new strategies, ideas, theories, approaches, and techniques for chemical education in the new century.



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Prof. Chun-Li BAI
, Academician and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive President of the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)

Secretary General
Prof. Xinqi SONG
, President, CCS

Vice-Secretary Generals
Prof. Zhi Fang,
Deputy Secretary General, CCS
Prof. Wen-Bao Chang, Chairman of Chemical Education Committee,
Prof. Wen-Xiang Zhu, Vice-chairman of Chemical Education Committee,

Prof. Xibai QIU,
Vice Chairman of Committee on International

Activities of CCS


International Advisory Committee:
P.W.Atkins (UK)
G. Bazsa (Hungary)
J. D. Bradley (R. South Africa)
Hans Bouma (The Netherlands)
R. Bob Bucat (Australia)
Choon H. Do (Korea)
Changgen Feng (China)
J. Holbrook (Cyprus)
J.J. Lagowski (USA)
Fuyuan LU (China)

H. J. Schmidt (Germany)
Yoshito Takeuchi (Japan)
N.P.Tarasova (Russia)
Kui Wang (China)
Lihe Zhang (China)

Program Committee:

Chairman: Prof. Xiqi SONG, President, CCS


      Wenbao Chang
      Peng Cheng
      Lianyun Duan
      Shouhua Feng
      Xiangqun Guo
      Zhenping Ji
      Wenping Liang
      Ling Lu
      Yexiang Tong
      Lei Wang
      Zhilin Wang
      Fangyu Xue
      Wenxiang Zhu
      Cong Zhang
      Qiankun Zhuang

Local Committee:
Prof. Zhi Fang, Deputy Secretary General of CCS


Wenlu Bai
Jun Liu
Suxia Liu
Xibai Qiu
Shaowen Wang
Zhenzhu Wu
Qiankun Zhuang



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August 6



August 7

Opening Ceremony

Plenary Lecture

Oral Session



August 8

Plenary Lecture

Oral Session



August 9

Oral Session

Poster Session



August 10

Plenary Lecture

Oral Session



August 11

Local Conference Tour

Great Wall and Ming Tombs




Scientific Program

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The theme of this conference is:

New Strategies for Chemical Education in the New Century

Main topics         

Public education and chemical literacy education
Chemistry and society
Environment-oriented chemical education
Green chemistry and environment-friendly chemistry experiments
Internet, computer, and chemistry
Modern technologies used for chemistry education
Theoretical basis of chemical education
Micro-scale chemistry and low-cost chemical instruments
Chemical education and frontiers of chemistry research
Teaching University Chemistry
Teaching chemistry in secondary schools
Continuing education
Chemistry Olympiad

Workshops will be organized and participants will be acquainted with instruments, demonstrational tools, textbooks, teaching materials and CD-ROM.

Call for Paper

Contributed papers are expected in the forms of either oral or poster presentations. Participants wishing to present a paper are invited to return an abstract of no more than one page (For Plenary and Invited Lectures, 2 pages are requested). The abstract should be camera-ready and typed on 21 x 29.5 cm (A4) white papers using ".doc" file. A margin of 3 cm should be left on the top and bottom, and 2 cm on both right and left sides. Please use the capital letters for the title and typed 1 and 1/2 spaced with a laser printer. The abstract should be mailed to reach the Secretariat with soft disk before April 30, 2002. The Preprint Book is to be distributed at the Registration Desk. The address for the Secretariat is as follows:

Prof. Xibai QIU

Secretary of 17 ICCE

c/o Chinese Chemical Society

PO Box 2709

Beijing 100080


Tel: +86-10-62568157, 62564020

Fax: +86-10-62568157

E-mail: [email protected]

Plenary Lectures

1. Peter ATKINS (UK)
Chemistry: teaching it, spreading it, and enjoying it

2. Chunli BAI (China)
Advance on Nano Science in China.

3. Victor OBENDRAUF (Austria)
Instant Chemistry-Timesaving Small Scale and Micro Scale Gas Experiments Involving NO, NO2 N2O, N2O4, N2O3,O2,CO and CO2

4. Hans-Jurgen SCHMIDT (Germany)
The art of doing research in chemistry education

5. Yoshito TAKEUCHI (Japan)
Can or should chemical education globalize by Internet?

6. Sylvia WARE (United States)
Chemistry for Sustainable Development: Greening the Curriculum.

Some more lecturers are in contact with

The conference working language is English.

The overhead projectors and Computer-aided projectors (for PowerPoint electronic slide )are available.

Poster Display Board

A 1000 mm width and 1200 mm height board will be allotted for each poster display.





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Venue and Accommodation

The conference will be held in Fragrant Hill Hotel It is a four star hotel located in the Famous scenic spot Fragrant Hill Park. The room rate is USD 58 per room per night (two beds). For student there is a cheaper Hotel: Fragrant Hill Villa, the room rate is USD 20 per person per night for share room.


All participants are requested to fill the enclosed Registration Form (Form A) and mail it to reach the Secretariat by March 31,2002. The Registration Fee is as follows


Before April 30, 2002 After April 30, 2002


USD 350

USD 400

IUPAC Affiliates

USD 315

USD 360


USD 270

USD 320

Accompanying Persons

USD 170

USD 200

*Fees for the active participants will cover the payments for the participation in all scientific sessions, a copy of the Conference Proceedings and all printed materials of the conference, a welcome reception, a banquet, and social events.

*Fees for the IUPAC Affiliates should make registration with the copy of IUPAC 2002 Affiliate certificate.

*Fees for the students should make registration with the letter from whose teacher.

*Fees for the accompanying person will cover the payments for a welcome reception, a banquet, and social events.

*The payment of registration fee should be made in US dollars by bank draft payable to: The Chinese Chemical Society/17ICCE and mail to:

Prof. Xibai QIU

Secretary of 17 ICCE

c/o Chinese Chemical Society

POB 2709, Beijing 100080


*No personal check is accepted.

Cancellation of Registration

The Cancellation should be made in writing to the Secretariat. The amount of refund will depend on the date when your cancellation notice is received.

Receiving Date Rate of Refund
On or before May 1,2002 90%
After May 1, 2002   50% *
After August 1, 2002   30% *

*An Abstract Book will be sent to payer within 8 weeks after the Conference

*All refund will be made with 8 weeks after the Conference.

Hotel Reservation

Please apply for hotel room reservation with the enclosed Hotel Room Reservation Form (Form B) attached with the deposit (USD 50 per room) not later than June 30, 2002. Please send the Form B to the Conference Secretariat with the copy of deposit transfer document from bank and send the deposit to the Hotel directly. The account number of the Hotel is:

Bank: Beijing City Commercial Bank

Name: BTG Hotels & Resorts Fragrant Hill Hotel

Account Number: 360-5001201022260-96

Please write your name and "17ICCE" in the Note

There are only limit rooms in the Fragrant Hill Villa. The reservation is based on "First come, first served".

Cancellation of Hotel Reservation

The cancellation notice should be received at least 2 weeks before first night of stay. Otherwise, no refund will be paid.




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IUPAC sponsorship implies that entry visas will be granted to all bona fide chemists, provided application is made not less than three months in advance. If a visa is not granted one month before the meeting, the IUPAC Secretariat should be notified without delay by the applicant.

Every foreign visitor entering China must be in possession of a valid passport. Please send the visa Application Form (Form C) to the Secretariat before March 31, 2002. You will receive a formal invitation for your visa application in Chinese Embassy or consulate. Please contact with the Secretariat whenever you find a problem on visa application.

Arrival at Beijing

The participants can make their own way to the Fragrant Hill Hotel by taxi, the distance between the airport and the Hotel being 50 km and the fare about USD 20-25. The note below will help you to take a taxi:


Post-conference Tours

1. Beijing--Xi'an(2)--Hangzhou(2)--Suzhou(1)--Shanghai(1)

Date: August 12-18, 2002 (6 night)

Fee*: USD730/person (share room)

USD 870/person (single room)

2. Beijing--Xi'an(2)--Guilin(2)--Guangzhou(1)

Date: August 12-17, 2002 (5 night)

Fee*: USD740/person (share room)

USD 860/person (single room)

*If only 6-9 persons are interested in the tour, the fee will be increased about 10%. If less than 6 persons who are interested in the tour, the fee will be increased about 25%.

*All tours will be end after breakfast of last day.

Optional Tour

A program arranged by the Secretariat will provide you an opportunity to appreciate Chinese traditional culture. The following tickets can be bought at the registration desk during the Conference before the last day 15:00.









Beihai Park & Jingshan Park

USD 25



Yuanmingyuan Park

USD 25

Marco Polo Bridge & Great view Garden

USD 25



Forbidden City

USD 30

Temple of Heaven

USD 25



Bell Tower, Drum Tower & Hutong

USD 25

Summer Palace

USD 25



Great Wall and Ming Tombs

USD 55

Tour Reservation

Please fill the Tour Application Form (Form D) and send it to the Secretariat to secure a reservation.

Fare includes intercity transportation, hotel accommodation, full meals, tour tickets and guide service in each city. You should book the departure ticket in 'OK' status.

Tickets, hotel accommodation and other arrangements for Post-Conference Tour will be reserved and guaranteed only for those whose tour fares are receiver before June 10, 2002.

Payment must be made in USD by bank draft payable to Chinese Chemical Society/17ICCE and mail to:

Prof. Xibai QIU

Secretary of 17ICCE

c/o Chinese Chemical Society

POB 2709, Beijing 100080


Cancellation of Post-Conference Professional Tour

The cancellation notice should be received by Secretariat, refund depending on the date when your cancellation notice is received

Cancellation notice received Refund
30 day before the tour starts 90%
10 day before the tour starts 80%
1 day before the tour starts 50%
After the tour starts no refund



The exhibition during the conference will offer an excellent opportunity for the enterprises, publishers and scientific organizations to show and demonstrate their teaching instruments and aids, textbooks and reference books designed for the use in chemical education. The Organization should contact the Secretariat of 17 ICCE if who interesting in the exhibition.





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Brief Introduction

Beijing, the capital of P R China, serves as the center of politics and culture, with an area of 16800 square km and population of 13 millions. Being the seven-time ancient capital in China's history has left Beijing numerous imperial gardens and a great cultural heritage, such as the most famous Forbidden City (Palace Museum), Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Great Wall, etc. Traditional handicrafts of Beijing have a long history and show remarkable skills. Cloisonn?jade carving, and silk flowers are very popular. Local dishes are dominated by Shandong cuisine and imperial flavour. Meanwhile, different cuisines all over China are also very popular in Beijing. Following the rapid development of tourism and transportation in last decade, special in the successful applying the 2008 Olympia, Beijing has now become a modern metropolitan city in the world.

Climate and Clothing

The temperature of Beijing during the Conference period ranges between 20 and 32 centigrade. The hotel and Conference hall are all air-conditioned.

Currency and Banking

The Chinese currency is RMB. Foreigners can make currency exchange at all bank and hotel using cash and traveler's cheque. The rate of USD: RMB is about 1:8.2.




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The correspondence and submission of papers should be addressed to the Secretariat of 17th ICCE Secretariat

Contact person: Professor Xibai QIU
Secretary of 17th ICCE
C/O Chinese Chemical Society
PO Box 2709
Beijing, 100080, China
Telephone: 86 10 62568157, 86 10 62564020
Fax: 86 10 62568157
E-mail: [email protected]

Conference Web Site: http:// www.ccs.ac.cn/17icce.htm/
 or: http://www.iupac.org/symposia/conferences/17icce/


For the details of the Hotel please contact:

Ms. Minghua CAO
Sales Manager
Fragrant Hill Hotel
Haidian District
Beijing 100093
Tel: 62591166 ext 6168
Fax: 62591762
E mail:
[email protected]


For the details of the tours please contact:

Mr. Hong'en LAI
Beijing North Star International Tourism Co.
No. 10, Quarter 3, Anhuili, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101
Tel: +86-10-64973855
Fax: +86-10-64910684
E-mail: [email protected]



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