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Symposia on the Environment and Food

Freie Universitat Berlin, August 1999

Contributions of Chemistry to Ameliorating Environmental Contamination
Wednesday August 11, 14:00 - 18:00
Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Hall


The symposium is to address current issues in the areas of the environmental chemistry of air, soil and water. Emphasis will be given to intercompartmental exchange and transport, and advances in soil protection and risk assessment.


Chairman: Professor Leo Klasinc, Croatia

  • Impact on soil and water ecosystems by wet and dry deposition
    Dr Yehuda Shevah, Israel

  • Objectives in soil protection
    Dr Werner Koerdel Germany

  • Transport of chemicals by macropore flux
    Dr Nick Jarvis, Sweden

  • The role of bioavailability in risk assessment
    Dr Willie Peijnenburg The Netherlands

  • Clouds and pollution
    Prof. Andrea Flossmann, France

  • Global transport and distribution of pollutants
    Dr Cornelius Zetzsch, Germany

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