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Symposia on the Environment and Food

Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainable Food Production

Freie Universitat Berlin, August 1999
Thursday August 12, 9:00 - 13:00
Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Hall

Food Application and Quality Assurance of Oils and Fats
Albrecht Dieffenbacher*, Ph.D. Specialist in Oil and Fat technology Chemin de la Tour Ronde 2, CH-1806 St. L�gier, SWITZERLAND, Email: [email protected]

Oils and fats as major food components have nutritional and non nutritional functional properties. Nutritional properties are necessary for an equilibrated diet. Non nutritional functions are related to physical and chemical properties of oils and fats. Specific features of oils and fats in food preparations and in foods are outlined.

Oils and fats is often need to be refined to become acceptable to consumers. The refining may consist of various steps needing a careful quality assurance to ensure the quality and safety requested.

Oil seeds and fruits are cultivated and harvested in different areas or zones, to those where consumers are living. Therefore, products related to oils and fats are important international trade commodities.

It is indispensable to apply internationally accepted analytical standard methods for quality assurance to avoid disputes on quality and to ensure optimal food safety.

The IUPAC Commission DCE VI.6 on Oils Fats and Derivatives has standardised about 120 analytical method by international collaborative studies and are used by many international organisation dealing with oils and fats and food legislation.

*Until March 1997 at Nestl� Research Centre Vers-Chez-Les Blanc, Nestec Ltd., 1000 Lausanne 236, Switzerland

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