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41st IUPAC

29 June to 8 July 2001


The following projects were presented as posters at the Congress (following the opening ceremony), at the GA and Council.
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Vapor Liquid Critical Properties of Elements and Compounds
  K. N. Marsh > 2000-026-1-100
Thermochemical, Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Halogenated Organic Compounds and Mixtures
  J.H. Dymond > 2000-027-1-100
New Edition of Experimental Thermodynamics Vol II
  W.A. Wakeham et al. > 120/16/97
Standards, Calibration and Guidelines in Microcalorimetry
  I.Wads� and G. Della Gatta > 120/18/97
Electrochemistry and Interfacial Chemistry in Environmental Clean-up and Green Chemical Processes
  C.M.A. Brett et al. > 1999-005-1-100
Measurement and Interpretation and Measurement of electrokinetic phenomena*
  F. Gonzalez-Caballero > 160/5/98
Standardization of Methods for the Characterization of Inorganic Membranes
  Ed Yi Hua Ma > 2000-002-2-100
Collecting, Testing, and Disseminating Experiments in Solid State and Materials Chemistry
  M. Kizilyalli

> 2000-020-2-200 and/or 230/23/89

International Measurement Evaluation Programs
  P. Taylor > 240/7/95, 240/11/97, 240/12/98, 240/13/98, 240/14/98
Recommendations for International Cooperation on Innovative and Sustainable Utilization of Molecular Biodiversity
  U.K. Pandit et al. > 1999-036-1-300
White Book and Symposium-in-print on Green Chemistry
  P. Tundo > 1999-007-1-300
Green Chemistry Education
  P. Tundo activity of the sub-cmt
Glossary of Terms in Photocatalysis and Radiation Catalysis
  J. R. Bolton > 330/21/98
Definitions of Terms Relating to Reactions of Polymers and to Functional Polymeric Materials
  K. Horie > 1999-048-1-400
Quantifying Scratch Resistance of Commercial Polymers
  R.S. Bailey > 1999-020-1-400
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Molar Mass Values of Selected Commercial Polymers Determined with Size Exclusion Chromatography
  D. Berek > 422/2/98, 422/4/98, 422/5/98, 422/6/98
Critically Evaluated Database of Kinetic Parameters for Free-Radical Polymerization
  M. Buback > 428/6/97
Essential Information for Characterizing a Flow-based Analytical System
  Elias A.G. Zagatto > 510/37/98
Selectivity and Specificity in Analytical Chemistry
  J. Vessman et al > 510/39/98
Traceability of pH Measurement for Application in Fundamental and Applied Science
  P. Spitzer > proposal
Critical Evaluation of Stability Constants of Phosphonic Acids
  L.H.J. Lajunen and K. Popov > 560/35/93
Development of Materials for Teaching of Solution Equilibria
  L.D. Pettit et al. > 560/39/95
IUPAC Stability Constants Database
  L.D.Pettit et al. > 2000-004-2-500
Interactions Between Environmental Particles and Microorganisms
  P. M. Huang et al. > 610/73/97
Environmental Implications of Endocrine Active Substances: Present State-of-the-art and Future Research Needs
  J. Miyamoto et al. > 2000-016-1-600
Airborne and Remote Monitoring of Water Quality: Evaluation of Remote Sensing Techniques for Water Quality Control in Surface Water Bodies
  A.G. Dekker > 1999-014-2-600
Pesticide Soil Sorption Parameters Kd and Koc: Theory, Measurement, Use, Limitations and Reliability
  D. Wauchope > 640/43/97
Fats, Oils and Oilseeds Analysis - Workshop
  R.C.A. Lago et al. > 1999-042-1-600  
Properties and Units in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  H. Olesen > 710/18/87
Drug Metabolism Databases and High-Throughput Testing During Drug Design and Development; Metabolism Terms; Human Drug Metabolism Database
  P.W. Erhardt > book, 2000-009-1-700, 2000-010-1-700
Training and Research in Medicinal Chemistry in Developing Countries
  A. Monge Vega > 763/1/95
CHEMical Research Applied to World Needs
  P.M. Norling > 021/*
Assessment of DIDAC as an Aid for the Teaching of Chemistry Around the World
  P. de Bi�vre > 022/17/98  
IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Fellowship Program for Safety and Environmental Protection in Chemical, Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Production
  M.C. Cesa > 022/11/93

* poster not printed - online only

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