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General Assembly, August 1999

Interdivisional and Satellite Meetings

> 6 August
Interdivisional Meeting on Coordination of Environmental Projects
Fri. 6, 14:00-16:00 [K 24-10]
Contact: Dr. J. Miyamoto (Div. VI)

> 11 August
IUPAC Strategic Initiative of Materials Chemistry
Wed. 11, 10:00 - ... [KL 24-222]
Contact: Prof. J. Corish (Div. II) and Prof. R.G. Gilbert (Div. IV)

> 11-12 August
IUPAC/GDCh Symposia on the Environment and Food

> 17 August
IUPAC/GDCh Microsymposium on Novel Porphyrinoids and their Metal Complexes


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