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General Assembly, August 1999

Pre-Meeting Information

Organization / Location / Participation questionnaire / Queries / Registration / Money transfer / Hotel Cancellation / Payment for Titular Members / Meals / Official Carrier / Visas


The 40th General Assembly of IUPAC will be organized by the
Chemistry Department of the Freie Universität Berlin in collaboration with the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society). The local organizing committee consists of:

Prof. Dr. D. Haase
Dr. W. Gans


Located at the focus between eastern and western Europe, Berlin has an interesting history. After the fall of the wall in 1989 and the reunification of Germany in the following year, Berlin again became the capital of Germany. Since then, it has turned into one of the largest building sites of the world. The Potsdamer Platz will become the new centre of the capital, and the German government will soon move from Bonn to Berlin.

With its three universities, non-university research institutions and an overwhelming variety of museums, theatres and a rich musical scene, Berlin has always been an educational and cultural centre.
The Freie Universität (Free University) was founded in West Berlin in 1948, after the division of Berlin, by a group of professors and students who broke away from the communist dominated Humboldt Universität to seek academic freedom. The University is situated in the south-western part of Berlin (Dahlem) where the Fritz Haber Institut, the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institut of Physical Chemistry, is situated. A number of great scientists worked here, for example Henry Eyring, Michael Polanyi and the Nobel Prize winner Otto Hahn. Although the University is not in the center of Berlin it is very easy to get there. The public transport system is excellent (a map will be distributed at the General Assembly, see also map in the Appendix). The General Assembly will take place in the building at Habelschwerdter Allee 45 (see map in Appendix).

Participation Questionnaire

The Participation Questionnaire should be completed and returned to reach the IUPAC Secretariat by 31 December 1998 at the latest.
Write to the address below:

Dr. John W. Jost
Executive Director
IUPAC Secretariat
P.O. BOX 13757
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757 USA
Phone: +1 919 485 8700
Fax: +1 919 485 8706
E-Mail: [email protected]

Those who will not be attending the General Assembly are asked to indicate that they will not be attending on the Questionnaire and return it.

Please indicate also whether you have access to the World Wide Web.


If you have any questions concerning the reservation of hotel rooms please contact:

Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH
Am Karlsbad 11
D-10785 Berlin
or by fax: +49 - 30/ 25 00 24 24

For questions concerning the schedule of the meeting or other IUPAC related problems contact the IUPAC Secretariat.

Any questions arising while the General Assembly takes place should be referred to the General Assembly Secretariat, which will be located in the Building at Habelschwerdter Allee 45. Details will be provided later. Please refer to the web site given below.

A 2nd circular will be distributed at the General Assembly.
For the latest information visit the IUPAC web site or the General Assembly web site: http://www.chemie.de/iupac-ga/.

Registration for accommodation

Berlin Tourismus Marketing is responsible for the hotel registration. Please fill out the reservation form and return it to the address on the form.

Money Transfer

If you have any questions concerning money transfer please ask Berlin Tourismus Marketing at the address given above.

Hotel Cancellations

Changes or cancellations should be sent to Mrs. Wegener von Tengg, at Berlin Tourismus Marketing no later than March 27, 1999.

Payment for Titular Members

For Titular Members who have requested travel and/or subsistence to be paid in German Marks (DEM) at the meeting, the corresponding checks, drawn on the Berliner Bank, will be distributed by the IUPAC Secretariat. The address of the nearest branch office of the Berliner Bank is given below.


Lunch is available at the cafeteria in the building at Habelschwerdter Allee 45. The cost of lunch will be between DEM 4.- and 8.- including drinks. Cooked meals are available at the students' dining hall from 11:30 to 14:30 for about DEM 8.

Lunch prices in nearby restaurants are approximately DEM 25.- including drinks.

During the meeting, breaks coffee, tea and snacks will be offered.

Official Carrier

We are negotiating with Lufthansa to be the official carrier for the 40th General Assembly of IUPAC and also for the 37th IUPAC Congress. For further information please refer to the web site given above.


Participants from the countries listed below will need a visa to enter Germany. For your convenience a list is provided below with the addresses of the German Embassies and Consulates which should be contacted in order to apply for a German entry visa. All questions concerning German entry visas should be directed to your nearest Embassy or Consulate. IUPAC recommends that all applications for visas be made no later than four months before the General Assembly. If the visa is not granted one month before the departure, IUPAC should be informed by the applicant without delay. An official letter of invitation will be provided by IUPAC for all visa applicants, upon request.

Please note that we give international codes for telephone numbers.

Bangladesh / Bulgaria / China / Egypt / India / Kuwait / Latvia / Pakistan / Peru / Philippines / Romania / Russian Federation / Saudi Arabia / Sri Lanka / South Africa / Thailand / Turkey / Tunisia / Ukraine / Vietnam / Yugaslavia

German Embassy Dhaka,
Gulshan Avenue 178
Dhaka 12
Tel.: +8802/88 47 34-7
Fax: 88 31 41
German Embassy Sofia
Ulitsa Joliot Curie 25
Tel.: +3592/963 4518
Fax: 963 1658
German Embassy Beijing
5, Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie
Beijing 100600
Tel.: +86 10/653 22161-65
Fax: 653 25336

German Consulate-General Canton,
103 Shamian Bei Jie
Guangzhou 510130 P.R. China
Tel.: +8620/819 22566
Fax: 819 22599

German Consulate-General Shanghai
Yong Fu Lu 151 and 181
Tel.: +8621/643 36953
Fax: 647 14448

In Hong Kong:
German Consulate-General Hong Kong
United Centre, 21st floor, 95 Queensway-
Hong Kong
Tel.: +852/252 988-58
Fax: 286 52033
In Taipei:
German Trade Office 4F, 4
Min-sheng E. Road, Sec. 3
Tel: +8862/506 9028
Fax: 509 3979
German Embassy Cairo
8 B, Sharia Hassan Sabri
Tel.: +202/341 0015
Fax: 341 0530
German Embassy New Delhi
No. 6, Shantipath, Chanakyapur
New Delhi-110021
Tel.: +9111/687 1831
Fax: 687 3117

German Consulate-General Mumbai
Hoechst House, 10th Floor, Nariman Point
193 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai 400021
Tel.: +91 22/238 2422
Fax: 202 5493

German Consulate-General Calcutta
1 Hastings Park Road, Alipore
Tel.: +9133/479 11 41 /42
Fax: 479 3028
German Consulate-General Chennai
22, Ethiraj Road
Tel.: +9144/827 1747
Fax: 827 3542
German Embassy Kuwait
Abdullah Salem Area, Plot 1
Street 14, Villa 13
Tel.: +965/252 0827
Fax: 252 0763
German Embassy Riga
Basteja Bulvaris 14
Riga LV-1050
Tel.: +371/722 9096
Fax: 782 0223
German Embassy Islamabad
Ramma 5, Diplomatic Enclave
Tel.: +9251/279 430-35
Fax: 27 94 36

German Consulate General Karachi
F-95, Khayabane-Roomi, Block 7 Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel.: +9221/5873782
Fax: 5874009

German Embassy Lima
Avenida Arequipa 4202-4210
Lima 18-Miraflores
Tel.: +51 1/422 4919
Fax: 422 6475
German Embassy Manila
777, Paseo de Roxas, 6F Solidbank-Bldg.,
1226 Metro Manila
Tel.: +632/892 4906
Fax: 810 4703
German Embassy Bucharest
Strada Rabat 21
Tel.: +401 /2302 580 or 230 2830
Fax: 312 9846

German Consulate-General Sibiu
Strada Lucian Blaga 15-17
Tel.: +4069/21 11 33
Fax: 21 41 80

German Consulate General Timiêoara
B'dul Republicii 6
RO 1900 Timiêoara
Tel.: +4056/19 04 95
Fax: 19 04 87

Russian Federation
German Embassy Moscow
B. Mosfilmovskaya 56
119285 Moscow
Tel.: +7095/956 1080
Fax: 938 2354

German Consulate-General Novosibirsk
Hotel Centr Rossii, Krainyi Prospekt 28
30099 Novosibirsk
Tel.: +7 38 32/23 14 11
Fax: 23 44 17

German Consulate-General Saratov
Ulitsa Nemetskaya 34 (Hotel Volga)
410076 Saratov
Tel.: +78452/24 27 49 or 51 06 99,
Fax: 24 49 39 or 24 68 68

German Consulate-General St. Petersburg
Ulitsa Furshtadtskaya No. 39
191 123 St. Petersburg
Tel.: +7812/327 3111
Fax: 327 3117 Fax (visa): 279 3242

Saudi Arabia
German Embassy Riyadh
Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh
Tel.: +9661/488 0700
Fax: 488 0660

German Consulate-General Jeddah
Al Hamra'a Diest/6 N 17 Wo 5 Sector
Al Ibtehal Street (49) 2
Tel.: +9662/665 3344
Fax: 667 5964

Sri Lanka
German Embassy Colombo
40, Alfred House Avenue
Colombo 3
Tel.: +941/58 04 31-34,
or 58 83 25 or 58 78 07
Fax: 58 04 40
South Africa
180, Blackwood Street, Arcadia
Pretoria 0083
Tel.: +27 12/427 8900
Fax: 343 9401
Fax (visa): 427 8999

German Consulate-General Cape Town
825, St. Martini Gardens
Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town
Tel.: +2721/24-2410
Fax: 24 94 03
German Embassy Bangkok
9, South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120
Tel.: +662/287 9000
Fax: 287 1776
German Embassy Ankara
114 Atatürk Bulvari
TR-06540 Kavaklidere-Ankara
Tel.: +90312/426 5465
Fax: 426 6959

German Consulate-General Istanbul
Inönü Caddesi 16-18, Istanbul
Tel.: +90212/251 5404-08
Fax: 249 9920

German Consulate-General Izmir
Atatürk Caddesi 260
TR-35220 Izmir
Tel.: +90232/421 6995
Fax: 463 4023

German Embassy Tunis, 1
Rue el Hamra, Mutuelleville
Tunis (Belvédère)
Tel.: +21 61/78 64 55,
Fax: 78 82 42
German Embassy Kiev
Ulitsa Tshkalowa 84
252054 Kiev
Tel.: +38044/216 9583 or 219 2221
Fax: 246 8100
German Embassy Hanoi
29, Tran Phuh,
Tel.: +844/845 3836/37
Fax: 845 3838

German Consulate-General Ho-Chi-Minh-City
126, Nguyen Dinh Chieu-Q.3
Tel.: +848/29 19 67

Ulitsa Kneza Milosa 74-76
Y-11000 Belgrade
Tel.: +38111/64 57 55
Fax: 65 69 89


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