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UNESCO School & Conference on Macromolecules & Materials Science

7 Feb. 2000

Prof R.D. Sanderson, Conference Chair, reports:

The Pre-Conference Workshop (8 - 9 April 2000) and the UNESCO School & IUPAC Conference (10 - 12 April 2000), final programme is on the web: http://www.sun.ac.za/polymer/conference.html

[download a pdf version of the programme - 30KB]

The Workshop provides courses from internationally renowned scientists selected from the group plenary lecturers. Notes are collected in overhead projector presentation form as well as written and included together with the UNESCO School lectures in the virtual encyclopedia for Macromolecules & Materials Science on CD-ROM.

The School and Conference consists of invited plenaries throughout each morning session with submitted papers in the afternoon sessions. The 41 international plenaries cover the following exciting fields: monomer synthesis and transformations, catalysts and polymer synthesis (including combinatorial chemistry), inorganic metallocenes chemistry (chaired by Dr MO Kirsten, author of the UNIDO monograph on metallocenes), living-free radical chemistry (with the best-known proponents, Proffs Thang, Mueller & Huddleton), polymer properties including the world's experts on thermal characterisation, the two best experts in the world on liquid chromatography separation (Proffs H Pasch & D Berek), analysis during polymer processing, including emulsion polymerisations, degradation of polymers (full session) under chairmanship of Dr S Affolter and including amongst others, Prof H Zweifel, (author of the book on polymer degradation), advanced materials, nano-structured systems by one of the best-known leaders in the field (Prof SI Stupp & others), macromolecular and materials education in Africa with contribution from Prof D Benachour, Algeria.

Finally, the event will be closed by four short talks from technical directors of four South African companies including Rohm & Haas, BASF, Plascon & Polifin.

So far 78 papers expected 120 - 150 delegates, sponsorship SASOL, Polifin being negotiated.

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