> Special Topic Issue on the Theme of Nanostructured Systems <
> Published in Pure Appl. Chem. 72(1-2), 1-331 (2000) <

> Conference report, Chem. Int. 22(1), 2000 <

> WAM II - Feb 2002 <


of the 1st of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Workshop Series on New Directions in Chemistry:

Workshop on Advanced Materials (WAM1):
Nanostructured Systems

IUPAC-WAM-1, Hong Kong, 14-17 July 1999
on the campus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)



Venue Package:
When you receive your package at your residence hall on July 14, it will have the badges, writing pens and pad, bound volume of the program with all the abstracts, group lunch tickets, and banquet tickets for those who paid for them.

Refund Policy:
By now, the funds have been committed to cover the program costs. The amount of refunds will thus depend on the final unused funds after all the committed expenses of the workshop have been paid.

HKUST web page:
Please visit the HKUST web <http://www.ust.hk/> page to get information about the campus, its faculty, its institutes and its facilities (from library to dining). It will help you to be familiar with the campus before you get there.

Please read this circular and if you have any question, email it to me <[email protected]>. Have a nice trip to Honk Kong.


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