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2005 national meetings selected by NAOs where IUPAC Poster Prizes will be awarded:

24-25 Jan 2005 - Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Annual meeting of the Serbian Chemical Society

Prof. Bogdan Solaja, President | Serbian Chemical Society | Karnegijeva 4 | P.O. Box 35-03 | Belgrade 11001 | Serbia and Montenegro >[email protected]

- Feb 2005 - Bombay, India
7th Chemical Research Society of India's (CRSI) National Symposium

Dr. Alok Moitra | Head (International Division) | Indian National Science Academy | Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg | New Delhi 110002 | India >[email protected]

28 May - 1 June 2005 - Saskatoon, Canada
88th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Professor Dale Ward | Department of Chemistry | University of Saskatchewan | 110 Science Place | Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5C9 Canada >[email protected]

9 June 2005 - Odense, Denmark
Annual meeting of the Danish Chemical Society

Mr. Matthew S. Johnson | University of Copenhagen | Department of Chemistry | Universitetsparken 5 | DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark >[email protected]

3-7 July 2005, Sydney, Australia
Connect 2005, Chemical Challenges for the 21st Century

Prof. A.T. Baker | Chair, Academic Board | UTS | PO Box 123 | Broadway, NSW 2007 Australia >[email protected]

11-14 Sep 2005 - Duesseldorf, Germany
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, "GDCh-Jahrestagung"

Ms. Jutta Bröll | Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker | Abt. Preise, Auszeichnungen, Internationales | Varrentrappstr. 40-42 | D-60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany >[email protected]

19-22 Sep 2005 - Leoben, Austria
Austrian Chemical Society, University of Leoben

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schubert | Vienna University of Technology | Institute of Materials Chemistry | Getreidemarkt 9 | A-1060 Wien, Austria >[email protected]

19-23 Sep 2005 - Lugo, Spain
30th Biannual meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain

Prof. Dr. Jesús Jiménez-Barbero | CSIC | Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas | Ramiro de Maeztu 9 | E-28040 Madrid, Spain >[email protected]

21-22 Oct 2005 - Wonju, Korea
96th National Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society, Yonsei University

Dr. H. Y. Koh | Korean Chemical Society | 635-4, Room 703, KOFST Bldg | Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu | Seoul 135-703, Korea >[email protected] or >[email protected]

17-18 Nov 2005 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Carman Symposium (South African Chemical Institute), Midrand

Prof. M. S. Scurrell | South African Chemical Institute | Univ. of the Witwatersrand, School of Chemistry | Jan Smuts Avenue
Braamfontein, Johannesburg 2050,
South Africa >[email protected]

18 November 2005, Cinemec, Ede, The Netherlands
Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Verenigin (KNCV) Annual Congress: Het Element

Dr. Iwan P. Thonus, Secretary General | Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Verenigin | Postbus 249 | NL-2260 AE Leidschendam, Netherlands >[email protected]

19-20 November 2005 - Kaohsiungm, Taiwan
Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society Located in Taipei

Prof. Ling-Kang Liu, Secretary General - Chemical Society Located in Taipei - Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica - P.O. Box 1-18 - Nakang, Taipei, Taiwan 115 >[email protected]

- Dec 2005 - Pakistan
16th National Chemistry Conference: Pakistan at Bahauddin Zakaria University

Dr. Din Mohammad | Chemical Society of Pakistan | c/o The Chairman | Quaid-i-Azam University | Islamabad, Pakistan >[email protected]

National Adhering Organizations are asked to inform their national chemical societies of this IUPAC Poster Prizes program and to inform the IUPAC Secretariat of any plans to award prizes at a national meeting.

IUPAC Poster Prizes might also be awarded at Division or Standing Committee sponsored events; see IUPAC-sponsored events calendars for listing.

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