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> IUPAC project 2002-011-2-600

Session 1:
Quality / Specialty Oils / Olive Oil - Analytical Focus

New and Advanced Analytical Developments in Oil Processing
[pdf - 5.5MB]
Patrick Dysseler, CERIA, Belgium

Vitamin Fortification of Lipid-Based Products [pdf - 329KB]
Delia B. Rodriguez-Amaya, Fea/Unicamp, Brazil

Control Points in Oil Processing [pdf - 185KB]
Gerrit van Duijn, TUSCC, Unilever R&D, The Netherlands

Session 2:
Short Course on Oil Refining

Influence of Processing on Minor Components in Vegetable Oils [pdf - 225KB]
Roland Verhe, University of Ghent, Belgium

Degumming and Centrifuge Selection, Optimization, and Maintenance [pdf - 4.32MB]
Andrew Logan, Alfa Laval, Denmark

Basics of Alkali Refining of Vegetable Oils [pdf - 1.47MB]
Klaus-Peter Eickhoff, Westfalia Separator Food Tec GmbH, Germany

Understanding the Basics of Bleaching [pdf - 692KB]
Roberto Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation, USA

Deodorisation and Physical Refining [pdf - 1.90MB]
Wim De Greyt, DeSmet Technologies & Services, Belgium

Session 3:
Analytical Techniques and New Developments

Lipid Extraction from Different Matrices [pdf - 1023KB]
Regina Lago, EMBRAPA, Brazil

Undesirable Compounds and Contaminants in Fats and Oils: Processing and Utilization [pdf - 1.65MB]
Florence Lacoste, ITERG, France

QC/QA in the Food Industry by Means of Time Domain (TD) – NMR
Wolfgang Burk, Bruker Optik GmbH, minispec Division, Germany

Session 4:
Short Course on Oil Processing

Chemical versus Enzymatic Interesterification [pdf - 724KB]
Wim DeGreyt, De Smet Technologies & Services, Belgium

Soybean Oil Processing: Quality Criteria and Flavor Reversion [pdf - 634KB]
Ignace Debruyne, Consultant, Belgium

Trends in Margarine and Shortening Products and Processing [pdf - 267KB]
Jesper Hansen, Gerstenberg Schr´┐Żder, Denmark

USDA Oilseed Processing and Utilization Research [pdf - 1.74MB]
Peter B. Johnsen, USDA, ARS, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, USA

Session 5:
New Analytical Developments / Olive Oil Focus

Olive Oil Processing and Olive Pomace Oil Extraction
Samira Sefi and Tarek Amamou, Office National de l’Huile, Tunisia

Analytical Criteria for Quality and Purity Evaluation of Olive Oil [pdf - 366KB]
Efi Christopoulou, Ministry of Development, Greece

Detection of Adulteration [pdf - 1.05MB]
Lanfranco Conte, Universita degli Studi di Udine, Italy

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