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Report from IUPAC-Sponsored Symposium

18th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, 22-27 July 2000, Dresden, Germany

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This interdisciplinary meeting brought together 470 scientists from 40 countries to discuss the most recent advances in the photosciences. Contributions covered a span from applications of photochemistry and photophysics to virtually all areas of fundamental and applied chemistry. The unifying theme of the symposium was the use of photons to initiate reactions and processes of molecules and materials. Topics ranged from photochemistry on the femtosecond time scale to solid-state devices for solar energy storage, from photoprocesses at very low temperatures to atmospheric photochemistry, from photochemical syntheses to photosynthesis, from nanoscale reactors to photosensitive polymers. An atmosphere of gemütlichkeit was fostered by the wonderful food for thought...and the excellent beer.

There were 12 plenary lectures; 16 invited lectures; workshops on theoretical organic photochemistry (organized by M. Klessinger), solid-state photochemistry (organized by Miguel Garcia-Garibay), and primary processes in biological photoreceptors (organized by T. Gillbro); 27 short oral presentations; and more than 200 posters. A highlight of the symposium was the presentation of the Porter Award to Vincenzo Balzani of the University of Bologna and his address on some of his recent research in supramolecular photochemistry. The award, for career-long outstanding achievement in the photosciences, is usually presented at the biannual symposium. It is sponsored by the three major photochemical societies (the European Photochemical Association, the Japanese Photochemistry Association, and the Inter-American Photochemical Society). Historical treatises on photochemistry in the 20th century and on the IUPAC Symposia on Photochemistry were presented by Heinz Roth and Kurt Schaffner, respectively. Much of the credit for the success of the meeting goes to Thomas Wolff, head of the local organizing committee, and his colleagues, Jürgen Fabian, Waldfried Plieth, and Karl Leo, from The Technical University of Dresden, where the symposium was held. The exciting program was set by Silvia Braslavsky, the scientific chairperson, and her international advisory committee.

The 19th Symposium will be held 14-19 July 2002 in Budapest. Its scientific chairperson will be Heinz Roth, and the head of the local organizing committee will be Jòzef Nyitrai. Information can be found on the web site (http://www.Photoiupac.hu/) or by contacting the Hungarian Chemical Society ([email protected]). All who attended the 18th Symposium anticipate reuniting in Budapest for the 19th !

Prof. Richard G. Weiss
Chairman, IUPAC Commission on Photochemistry III.3
Department of Chemistry
Georgetown University
Washington, DC, USA

> Published in Chem. Int. 23(2), 2001

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