Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.4, July 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 4 (July)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 4

July 1999

40th IUPAC Council Meeting


Free University, Berlin, Germany, 13-14 August 1999

Election of Officers and Bureau Members

According to Statute 5.401, Council must elect:

  • Officers of the Union
  • Elected Members of the Bureau

Nominations for the various positions that fall vacant at the end of 1999 must be received by the Secretary General at the IUPAC Secretariat before 13 June 1999, i.e., two months before the start of the Council meeting (Bylaw 2.221). The situation for each position (as this issue went to press on 18 June) is set out below:

Vice President - Vacancy
Secretary General
Treasurer - Vacancy
Bureau - Four Vacancies (Minimum)

Dr. Alan Hayes

Dr. Alan Hayes (UK), Vice President and President-Elect, becomes President on 1 January 2000 (Statute 4.2)

Vice President - Vacancy
The vice president to be elected at the 40th Council Meeting will be president-elect, and will become president on 1 January 2002.

As a guideline, and following the practice of some national chemical societies, the Executive Committee considered in the past the possibility that the president of the Union might be elected alternately from academia and from industry (Minute 13.1/94, 120th Meeting, Oxford).

Nominations for vice president received (as of 18 June 1999) are as follows: Prof. Pavel Kratochvil (Czech Republic), Prof. Pieter S. Steyn (South Africa), and Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes (Norway).

The retiring President, Prof. Joshua Jortner (Israel) will remain an officer (Statute 6.1) and a member of the Bureau for a period of two years (Statute 7.2).

Secretary General
Dr. Edwin D. Becker (USA), the present secretary general, completes four years (1996-1999) of service. He is eligible for re-election for a second four-year term. Nominations for secretary general received (as of 18 June 1999) are as follows: Dr. Edwin D. Becker (USA).

Treasurer - Vacancy
Prof. John M. Ward (UK), the present treasurer, completes eight years (1992-1999) of service and is not eligible for re-election (Statute 6.52). Nominations for Treasurer received (as of 18 June 1999) are as follows: Dr. Christoph Buxtorf (Switzerland).

Bureau - Four Vacancies (Minimum)
According to Statute 7.2, the Bureau consists of the officers, the presidents of the Divisions/Sections, together with not less than ten other members elected by Council, who shall be known as "Elected Members". At the conclusion of the 39th Council in Geneva, there were ten elected members of the Bureau. At the 40th Council, the Bureau will make recommendations to Council as to the number of elected members (ten or more), who should be on the Bureau for the succeeding two years.

Elected members are elected for a period of four years, and they are eligible for election for a second period of four years.

No Adhering Organization shall have more than one elected member of the Bureau.

Statute 7.2 also states that "the principle of fair geographical representation of Members shall be taken into account".

Elected member of Bureau, retiring in 1999, who is not eligible for re-election, but may be nominated for another office: Prof. A. Chakravorty (India).

Elected members of Bureau, retiring in 1999, who are eligible for re-election for a further four-year period: Prof. H. Ohtaki (Japan); Prof. G. M. Schneider (Germany); Prof. P. S. Steyn (South Africa).

Elected members of Bureau, who were elected at the 39th Council until 2001: Prof. E. J. Grzywa (Poland); Prof. J. W. Lorimer (Canada); Dr. E. P. Przybylowicz (USA); Prof. G. Somsen (Netherlands); Prof. L. K. Sydnes (Norway); Prof. C. H. Zhang (China).

At least four elected members of the Bureau must be elected at the 40th Council in Berlin, i.e., the minimum number of ten elected members (Statute 7.2) less the six elected members who continue in office until 1999.

Nominations for Bureau received (as of 18 June 1999) are as follows: Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (India), Prof. P. Kratochvil (Czech Republic), Prof G. J. Leigh (UK), Prof. N. J. Moreau (France), Prof. O. M. Nefedov (Russia), Prof. H. Ohtaki (Japan)—reappointment, Prof. G. M. Schneider (Germany) — reappointment, and Prof. P. S. Steyn (South Africa)—reappointment.


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