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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 68, No. 9 (1996)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 68, Issue 9

IUPAC White Book on Chlorine


R.-P. Martin and G.J. Martens Preface
G. Porter 1683 Chlorine - An Introduction
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 400KB]
T.E. Graedel and W.C. Keene  1689 The Budget and Cycle of Earth's Natural Chlorine
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 675KB]
G.W. Gribble 1699 The Diversity of Natural Organochlorines in Living Organisms
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 816KB]
J. Fauvarque  1713 The Chlorine Industry
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 582KB]
K.R. Solomon 1721 Chlorine in the Bleaching of Pulp and Paper
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 880KB]
H. Galal-Gorchev   1731 Chlorine in Water Disinfection
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 415KB]
J. Miyamoto 1737 Environmental and Health Issues
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 1021KB]
M.J. Molina 1749 The Role of Chlorine in Stratospheric Chemistry
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 568KB]
H.W. Sidebottom and J. Franklin 1757 The Atmospheric Fate and Impact of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons and Chlorinated Solvents
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 1.00MB]
K. Ballschmiter  1771 Persistent, Ecotoxic and Bioaccumulative Compounds and their Possible Environmental Effects
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 801KB]
Ch. Rappe 1781 Sources and Environmental Concentrations of Dioxins and Related Compounds
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 633KB]
A. Hanberg 1791 Toxicology of Environmentally Persistent Chlorinated Organic Compounds
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 840KB]
R. Papp 1801 Organochlorine Waste Management
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 642KB]
G. Menges 1809 PVC Recycling Management
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 1.10MB]
A. E. Fischli 1823 Conclusions
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 137KB]


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