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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 1-203 (2001)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 73, Issue 1

11th European Conference on Analytical Chemistry (EUROANALYSIS XI)

XVIth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

International Symposium on Green Chemistry


Lectures presented at the 11th European Conference on Analytical Chemistry (EUROANALYSIS XI), Lisbon, Portugal, 3-9 September 2000

Preface, M.Camões

Analytical advantages of using electrochemistry for atomic spectrometry, E.Bulska
p. 1 [Abstract] [full text - pdf35K]

In situ speciation measurements.Using diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT)to determine inorganically and organically complexed metals, H.Zhang and W.Davison
p. 9 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 144K]

A glance into the bulk of solvent polymeric pH membranes, E.Lindner, R.E.Gyurcsányi, and B.D.Pendley
p. 17 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 201K]

Affinity electrochemical biosensors for pollution control, M.Mascini
p. 23 [Abstract] [full text - pdf51K]

Devices for ion-sensing and pX measurements, J.D.R.Thomas
p. 31 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 37K]

Speciation dynamics and bioavailability of metals.Exploration of the case of two uptake routes, H.P.van Leeuwen and J.P.P inheiro
p. 39 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 55K]

Detecting and circumventing sources of inaccuracy in flow analysis, E.A.G.Zagatto, F.R.P.Rocha, P.B.Martelli, and B.F.Reis
p. 45 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 68K]

Lectures presented at the XVIth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Bologna, Italy, 18-22 September 2000

Preface, G. Ronsisvalle

New developments in anti-HIV chemotherapy, E.De Clercq
p. 55 [Abstract] [full text - pdf61K]

Continuing evolution of the drug discovery process in the pharmaceutical industry, E.Ratti and D.Trist
p. 67 [Abstract] [full text - pdf64K]

Lectures presented at the International Symposium on Green Chemistry, Delhi, India, 10-13 January 2001

Preface, J.H. Clark

Development of bioreactors for application of biocatalysts in biotransformations and bioremediation, S.G.Burton
p. 77 [Abstract] [full text - pdf110K]

Nanostructured amorphous metals, alloys, and metal oxides as new catalysts for oxidation, V.Kesavan, D.Dhar, Y.Koltypin, N.Perkas, O.Palchik, A.Gedanken, and S.Chandrasekaran
p. 85 [Abstract] [full text - pdf42K]

Peroxometal-mediated environmentally favorable route to brominating agents and protocols for bromination of organics, U.Bora, M.K.Chaudhuri, D.Dey, and S.S.Dhar
p. 93 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 79K]

Catalysis for green chemistry, J.H.Clark
p. 103 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 257K]

Green chemistry.Sustaining a high-technology civilization, A.Ghosh, S.S.Gupta, M.J.Bartos, Y.Hangun, L.D.Vuocolo, B.A.Steinhoff, C.A.Noser, D.Horner, S.Mayer, K.Inderhees, C.P.Horwitz, J.Spatz, A.D.Ryabov, S.Mondal, and T.J.Collins
p. 113 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 41K]

Rapid screening and combinatorial methods in homogeneous organometallic catalysis, J.A.Loch and R.H.Crabtree
p. 119 [Abstract] [full text - pdf138K]

Polymer —metal complexes for environmental protection.Chemoremediation in the aqueous homogeneous phase K.E.Geckeler
p. 129 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 74K]

Human exposure to traffic pollution.Experience from Danish studies, O.Hertel, S.S.Jensen, H.V.Andersen, F.Palmgren, P.Wåhlin, H.Skov, I.V.Nielsen, M.Sørensen, S.Loft, and O.Raaschou-Nielsen
p. 137 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 226K]

Dry media reactions, M.Kidwai
p. 147 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 465K]

Using neoteric solvents in oil shale studies, M.Koel, S.Ljovin, K.Hollis, and J.Rubin
p. 153 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 52K]

Reactivity and selectivity under microwaves in organic chemistry.Relation with medium effects and reaction mechanisms, A.Loupy, L.Perreux, M.Liagre, K.Burle, and M.Moneuse
p. 161 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 35K]

Selective biotransformation reactions on (�)-aryl alkyl ketones, (�)-benzoxazines, and D-arabino -and D-threo -hydroxyalkyltriazoles, Raunak, A.K.Prasad, N.A.Shakil, Himanshu, and V.S.Parmar
p. 167 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 61K]

Applications of green chemistry in the manufacture of oligonucleotide drugs, Y.S.Sanghvi, V.T.Ravikumar, A.N.Scozzari, and D.L.Cole
p. 175 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 65K]

Design, synthesis, and application of chelating polymers for separation and determination of trace and toxic metal ions.A green analytical method, R.K.Sharma
p. 181 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 45K]

Recent progress in the chemistry of multicomponent reactions, I.Ugi
p. 187 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 36K]

Solvent-free accelerated organic syntheses using microwaves, R.S.Varma
p. 193 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 48K]

Green twist to an old theme.An eco-friendly approach, J.S.Yadav and H.M.Meshram
p. 199 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 44K]

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