Arrival Information

  • If you stay on the HKUST campus

Check in time is Wednesday, 2:00 PM - 12 midnight
Go to assigned housing (UG Hall I) on the HKUST Campus. There you will receive room assignment and the workshop venue package.

Going from the airport to HKUST campus

1) Time-saving but more expensive way

* Take Airport Express to Kowloon Station (2nd stop) (fare HK$60)
* Take a taxi* from Kowloon station to HKUST campus (fare ~HK$120)
* When entering the campus gate, show the driver the map and location of your HKUST Campus Housing: UG Hall I

2) Less expensive way, but more time consuming (might require the knowledge of local language)

* Take Airport Express to Hong Kong station (3rd stop) (fare HK$70)
* Walking over to MTR's Central station; buy MRT ticket for Lam Tin station (~HK$10)
* At Lam Tin station, take No. 298 bus (at bus terminal) for HKUST (last stop) (fare HK$5.20)
* Once on campus, find campus housing UG Hall I

  • If you stay at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers

For the few who are staying at the Sheraton, your workshop package will be given to you at the hotel desk upon registration.

Going from airport to Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers

* Take Airport Express to Kowloon station (2nd stop) (fare HK$60)
* At the upper level, look for free shuttle bus (Route K2) that will take you to Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel

Going from the Sheraton to the Campus

All morning sessions start at 9:00 AM in Lecture Theater F (LTF) in the Academic Building. (Notice that the Reception has moved from Wednesday, July 14 to Thursday, July 15).

A University bus will pick you up by the exit door (used for taxis and other tour buses) at 7:45 AM every morning. If you are late, take a taxi to the campus of the Hong Kong University for Science and Technology in Clear Water Bay.

* Most taxi drivers speak good English, but just to be sure they understand you, either ask the Bell Captain to tell the taxi driver in Chinese where to go or show them the appropriate Chinese sentence.


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