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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 71, No. 12, pp. 2349-2365, 1999

Glossary of Terms Used in Combinatorial Chemistry

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Ladder Synthesis: Strategy for library assembly where a portion of compound is capped following incorporation of each building block such that the final sample comprises a mixture of all possible truncated products. This may be designed such that approximately equimolar quantities of each truncated form are present as an approach to gain maximal diversity, or such that each truncate is present in small amount relative to the fully elaborated product. In the latter case analysis of the pattern of products serves to identify the parent and is termed ladder encoding 55.

Libraries from Libraries: Strategy for accelerating library production whereby an existing library is subjected to a relatively minor modification in order to generate a new library, thus avoiding the majority of chemical development and rehearsal required for a new library 56.

Library: See Combinatorial Library

Library Equivalent: The number of samples which equals the number of compounds in the library. Particularly applied to libraries in which individual beads are encoded, where one library equivalent is the number of beads which equals the number of compounds in the library. See also assay equivalent.

Linker: Bifunctional chemical moiety attaching compound to solid support or soluble support which can be cleaved to release compounds from the support. Careful choice of linker allows cleavage to be performed under appropriate conditions compatible with the stability of the compound and assay method 57.

Lipinski’s Rules: see Rules of Five

Liquid Phase Chemistry: Synthetic process employing a macromolecular soluble support 58,59.

Loading: Characteristic property of a solid support which describes the amount of a specific chemical species per unit mass of the support; see also Capacity.


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